ERA Café
A meeting place for creative expression.
Cafés were an important social hub for artistic, philosophical and literary movements during La Belle Époque; a prosperous and innovative era of European history. ERA Café honours the importance of cafes as a social space for creatives to meet and share ideas. ERA is located in the Distillery District, Toronto's premier arts and culture neighbourhood. ERA Café is a perfect place to meet before a day of cultural exploration. "ERA" seeks to serve the affluent tourism market, which currently lacks luxury coffee shops in the area. The café serves a secondary function as a gallery, with artwork to enjoy, discuss and purchase. At night, the café serves as a community space for exclusive arts-based events and private functions.
A repeatable geometric pattern was developed for this project. The background pattern on the website is repeated in the packaging in a clean, organized manner and, again, more loosely in the post for ERA@Night. Re-using the pattern and colour scheme established a cohesive and recognizable brand identity for ERA Cafe, while catering to different audiences. This approach ensures brand consistency and enables a diverse range of experiences, reflecting the versatile nature of ERA Cafe and its ability to appeal to different audiences.
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