In-Residence Magazine
Context: Create a magazine, bringing the concept to life through artistic direction. 
Much like an art residency, In-Residence seeks to collaborate with artists to support their practice and uplift the fine arts community. We share stories within the community and bridge gaps between education, artistic promotion and art history. In-Residence is dedicated to sharing stories that interest artists and people who support and celebrate their work.
A specific emphasis is made on traditional artistic methods and education, such as painting and sculpture, but modern approaches and materials are also explored. In-Residence is a modern magazine celebrating traditional to contemporary art.
Client: Centennial College, Graphic Design, Year 1
Designer: Jennifer Sutherland
Image Credits: Cover Image, ARX Advertisement, Editors Letter, Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3,Pigment credits in mockup link,  Department Page, Lunenburg Ad, Botticelli The Virgin and Child, Pigment sample REPLICA credits in mockup link , Van Gogh Self Portrait, Aurora Ad: credits in mockup link, Studio tour, Pencil crayons, Out of Office image, Aaronbrothers Advertisement: found image
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